15/09/2017 09:33
To: ALL NATIONAL FEDERATIONS   Regarding the use of karategis currently authorized in the Karate 1 –Premier League events, which include the brand’s name embroidered on the karategi shoulders (in red or blue colour), please be informed that these karategis can also be used in all events...

Notice to visitors: Important update of the qualification of athletes for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

13/09/2017 11:16
  To: WKF NFs We would like to communicate with you regarding an important update of the qualification of athletes for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.  Please be advised that, according to the new WKF Calendar for next year, as you are aware a new series...

Notice to visitors: 2018 WKF Official Sports Activities Calendar (Draft)

12/09/2017 15:13
Pdf here: WKFZ2018ZSPORTSZCALENDAR.pdf (54282)

Notice to visitors: Kata And Kumite Rules Commissions Streamline Karate Competition Rules

11/09/2017 09:29
As the Karate world continues taking steps towards the highly anticipated and historic Olympic debut of the sport, the World Karate Federation intensifies its efforts to further taking the sport to new levels of popularity and global impact. With this idea in mind, the Competition Rules Commissions...

Karate 1 Premier League : Grand Winners 2017

10/09/2017 11:54

Karate1 Premier League – Halle/Leipzig 2017: Final results and more. . .

10/09/2017 11:53

Notice to visitors:Information Note PKF Referee Commission

31/08/2017 11:49
It is hereby advised that it will be obligatory for all referees and judges of the Pan American Karate Federation to: An examination must be done every 3 years after obtaining the final licenses of Kata and / or Kumite. You must attend a championship at least once every 2 years. To renew a...

Notice to visitors:2017 Grand Winners to be Announced in Halle/Leipzig

30/08/2017 08:48
2017 GRAND WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED IN HALLE/LEIPZIG The 2017 Grand Winners will be crowned at a special ceremony to be held in Halle/Lepizig (Germany) right after the Karate 1-Premier League event. The last Karate 1-Premier League of the season takes place in Halle/Leipzig from September 8th to 10;...


10/08/2017 08:20

Notice to vistors:OLYMPIC KARATE – BUENOS AIRES 2018

08/08/2017 21:51
ABOUT YOG The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) were created in 2007 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a new elite sporting competition for young people with both, summer and winter editions. The first summer edition was held in Singapore in 2010 and the first winter YOG were held in...
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