Buenos Aires to be Olympic capital of the world in October, says IOC president Thomas Bach

07/02/2018 12:02

The Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games was one of the themes presented at the IOC Session in the South Korean city of PyeongChang. The Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee was represented by its president, Gerardo Werthein.

“I think it’s fair to say that one can expect the Youth Olympic Games to mark a new era for Buenos Aires”, said the IOC president, Thomas Bach.


The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, said it without any hesitation: all the eyes of the Olympic world will be on Buenos Aires this October.

In addition to the third summer edition of the Youth Olympic Games from October 6 – 18, the Argentine capital will be the site of an IOC Session and the first meeting for Olympism in Action.

The forum – comprised of representatives from the political and business world, civil society and the Olympic family – will debate the role of sport in the community with the objective of promoting Olympism as a way of life.

On the final day of the IOC session that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, a few days before the start of the Winter Olympic Games in the South Korean city, Bach affirmed that “Buenos Aires will be the centre of the Olympic world in October, not only because of the Youth Olympic Games, but also because of the Olympism in Action Forum and the IOC Session.

“We will enjoy the hospitality of Argentina and the Argentines for a long time”, he added.

The IOC president also commented on how the innovations the Organising Committee is including in the development of the Games in Buenos Aires - such as the novel concept of Youth Olympic parks located in areas frequented by locals, and signs of support for the event in the country - predict a ‘before and after’ for this kind of multisport celebration.

“I think it’s fair to say that one can expect the Youth Olympic Games to mark a new era in Buenos Aires”, said Bach.

One of the factors that demonstrates Argentina’s backing of the Games was the overwhelming support from Congress toward a new law to combat doping in sport that met legislative approval last December.

“It’s the sole law in the past 20 years that passed in the Senate and Congress with 100 percent approval”, said the president of the Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee, Gerardo Werthein, during this speech before the IOC Session.

“This shows the kind of recognition that the Olympic Movement has in Argentina”, he added.

Li Lingwei, the chair of IOC’s Coordination Commission for Buenos Aires 2018 and badminton star, also celebrated the way in which the principal Olympic works were being carried out.

“The two main constructions will be delivered according to schedule. The Youth Olympic Village is almost complete and will be handed over to the BAYOGOC (Organising Committee) by mid-April. Progress on the Youth Olympic Centre is good and it should be finished for September”, said Lingwei.

In addition to the Youth Olympic Centre, the 32 sports on the Buenos Aires 2018 programme will be carried out in three parks – two of which will have temporary structures – and four Stand Alone venues.