Bulletin YOG Qualification Tournament Buenos Aires 2018_Umag/ WKF coach program umag_2018

19/12/2017 14:18

Bulletin: www.slideshare.net/karateyalgomas/bulletin-yog-qualification-tournament-buenos-aires-2018umag

WKF coach program umag_2018: www.slideshare.net/karateyalgomas/wkf-coach-program-umag2018



Dear National Federation, 


Enclosed you will find the Bulletin of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Qualification Tournament which will be held on 29th and 30th of June 2018. Please read the document carefully, since it includes very important information concerning the eventual qualification of your athlete(s) for a place at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018.


In this respect, it is especially important to underline that as detailed in 3.7 “Important registration details”, 


The Qualification System for Buenos Aires 2018 in force will be applicable. Only those athletes who have already provided and fulfilled all details for the Youth Olympic Games accreditation system, by deadline 24th May 2018 will be able to register. This means that any potential athletes who want to participate in the Qualification Tournament will have to be registered in the YOG accreditation system. Athletes not complying with this requirement will NOT be accepted for participation at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and thus they will not be accepted for participation at the Qualification Tournament. More details regarding YOG accreditation system will be provided in due course when information is released by the International Olympic Committee.

As mentioned above, we don’t have yet more detailed information about the accreditation process for Buenos Aires 2018, but as soon as we receive the relevant details from the International Olympic Committee / Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee, we will inform you.


Best regards,

Antonio Espinós

WKF President