Guidelines adapted from WKF COVD-19 | Graphic Format

11/08/2020 12:02



Amid the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, and as the Karate world strives to resume the normal development of activities, the World Karate Federation has issued a streamlined edition of WKF’s COVID-19 Guidelines. 


The document aims at providing a user-friendly version of the regulations which were published on June 23. Targeted to athletes, fans and event organisers, the guidelines have been issued by the WKF and reviewed by the WKF Medical Committee, and WKF and Organizing Committees.


These recommendations are applicable for the karate events as minimum requirements only after their approval by the pertinent local authorities, as all sport and recreation resumption decisions must be based on State and Territory COVID-19 public health advice.


Clic Here: WKF_Covid.pdf (731243)