IMPORTANT: change in the WKF Kumite Competition Rules

24/04/2018 08:42

To all WKF Referees and Judges,


Please notice that the WKF executive Committee has decided to immediately implement the following change

in the Kumite Competition Rules:


When a  scoring technique is causing win by a lead of 8 points or more, the score should be awarded in full. 

For example: If an athlete has a 7-0 lead and then scores an Ippon, then the result is to be recorded as 10-0.

Dear WKF Officials,

I hereby confirm that the change of rules is applicable for both team and individual bouts (round robin is consist of individual bouts), at all competitions where the official WKF rules are used.


Best regards

On behalf of the WKF RC


Robert Hamara


WKF-RC Secretary