Important Information about participation in the international Karate tournaments unsanctioned by the WKF

05/04/2018 18:58

Dear WKF Referees and Judges,


As you know, effective 1st January 2017, Referees and Judges holding WKF or Continental licenses may not officiate international Karate tournaments unsanctioned by the WKF that by their name can be confused with World or Continental Championships by using names containing the word “world” or naming the continent.

(Above does not apply for single style tournaments provided that these are not named World or Continental Championships or World or Continental Cups).


The following tournament falls into the category inconsistent with participation of WKF or WKF Continental licensed Referees and Judges:

The competition named “The 9th World Shotokan Karate championships Istanbul” organized by the WSF (former WSKU) that will be held in Istanbul on the 20.-22. April 2018 at the Hawtorn By Wyhdam Hotel, Turan Sport hall.


The above mentioned tournament is not sanctioned by WKF and its name is in contradiction to the WKF policy for WKF Referees/Judges officiating in this tournament will preclude continued function as a WKF or WKF Continental Federation Official.


Kind Regards

On behalf of the WKF-RC


Robert Hamara

WKF-RC Secretary