30/05/2016 19:32

WKF Statement On Olympic Qualification Process


Ahead of the decision to be taken by the International Olympic Committee about the inclusion of Karate in the Olympic programme of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the WKF manifests its policy of open doors for all Karatekas worldwide to participate in the Olympic qualification process. 
Following this initiative, the WKF will provide open pathways for every Karate athlete in the world to find access to the possiblity of representing their countries in the 2020 Olympic Games. This action represents yet one more example of WKF’s intention of bringing together the whole family of Karate, as the WKF represents the umbrella that includes each and every Karateka in the world. 
While the whole family of Karate is looking forward to the final decision of the IOC during the session of the Olympic organisation in Rio de Janeiro from August 2-4, the WKF is confirming that every Karateka will be able to be part of the Olympic qualification process by the system that will be established to this effect. 
Source: WKF