15/07/2016 12:50


The change of name has been adopted by the World Karate Federation.

It is a term used in more than 200 countries and is also used by other sports.
 A year after the World Karate Federation (WKF) be recognized by the International Paralympic Committee, the Chair of the highest representative body of karate internationally, the Spanish Antonio Espinós, has sent an official statement in which he reports that the name 'Karate for Persons with Disabilities' by 'Para-Karate'.
According Espinós explains, "The reason for this change is that not only other sports use this terminology, but that is a term used in more than 200 countries according to a cooperation between the International Paralympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee and as a result, it is only permitted to use this term. "
WKF President is confident that this new name "will raise awareness of this category and enhance our image positively."