05/09/2016 10:15


Karate Tokyo 2020 logo

Concerning the use of the “Karate Tokyo 2020” logo, which we have been using since August 4th, we have received instructions from the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (TOCOG) that we are not authorized to use the wording “TOKYO 2020”, for the following reasons:

“TOKYO 2020” is a registered trademark domestically/internationally and is an intellectual property belonging to TOCOG.

• TOCOG does not accept the use of the KARATE TOKYO 2020 logo as it may cause ambush-marketing.
• TOCOG requests WKF to refrain from using any logo which includes “TOKYO 2020”.
• TOCOG also requests JKF/WKF to remove all the logos including “TOKYO 2020”.

Therefore, we ask for your cooperation and to remove the “Karate Tokyo 2020” logo of the digital devices and material items used by your Federation.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation,


Francisco Alegrete
WKF General Manager