Notice to visitors: Kata And Kumite Rules Commissions Streamline Karate Competition Rules

11/09/2017 09:29

As the Karate world continues taking steps towards the highly anticipated and historic Olympic debut of the sport, the World Karate Federation intensifies its efforts to further taking the sport to new levels of popularity and global impact. With this idea in mind, the Competition Rules Commissions met in Halle/Leipzig this weekend. 

The main point of discussions in the meeting of the Kumite Rules Commission was to update the regulations of the “grappling hands” modality. The intention of the WKF representatives, which were headed in the gathering by WKF President Antonio Espinós is to have the update of rules of Kumite ready by early next year.

Meanwhile, the Kata Rules Commission continued the undergoing project of implementing crucial modifications in the modality of choreographed movements. Under the leadership of President Espinós, the WKF aims at applying significant changes in the way that competitive katas are being evaluated. The Kata Rules Commission is analysing different possibilities in order to further extend the progress of the sport.

“It is our intention to continue taking our sport to new levels as our ancient discipline is facing new and paramount challenges. The hard work of the Kata and Kumite Rules Commissions is crucial in order to achieve this goal; we aim at modernising the way competitive Karate is conceived while keeping our guiding light which is the traditional essence of our discipline. We, as a sport, will only implement those changes that we are ready to undertake and that will, in any case, be absolutely beneficial for the progress of our discipline,” said WKF President Antonio Espinós.