18/04/2017 17:17

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) supports the general development of Olympic Sports through its Olympic Solidarity programmes.

The Olympic Solidarity is the body responsible for managing and administering the share of the television rights of the Olympic Games that is allocated to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs).It assists the NOCs and the Continental Associations with their efforts for the development of sport through programmes carefully devised to match their specific needs and priorities.

Olympic Solidarity (founded in 1961) reflects the Olympic ethic of which the basic notions are generosity, understanding and international co-operation, cultural exchanges, the development of sport and its educational aspects and the promotion of a society concerned with human dignity and peace.

“The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organise assistance to NOCs, in particular those which have the greatest need of it. This assistance takes the form of programmes elaborated jointly by the IOC and the NOCs, with the technical assistance of the IFs, if necessary.” Rule 5, Olympic Charter
The NOCs will work closely with the National Member Federations (NFM) in the lead up to the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) and 2020 Olympic Games so that they can develop their own structures to favour the expansion of sport in their country.

Three Areas of Activities


For the NOCs to be able to consolidate their place and role within the Olympic Movement, as well as within their own national structures, Olympic Solidarity is proposing three main areas of activity for its 2017-2020 quadrennial plan:
• World Programmes
• Continental Programmes
• Olympic Games Subsidies for participation in Olympic Games

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