PhotoBook of the 2016 Karate World Championships.

14/02/2017 08:16

The WKF is pleased to introduce the PhotoBook of the 2016 Karate World Championships. A high-quality and striking document, the PhotoBook presents all the excitement, emotion and beauty of the last World Championships.

About the PhotoBook

Produced by the WKF Media Department, the PhotoBook captures the attention of Karate fans through a detailed overview of the best moments of the historic event. Over 100 spectacular pictures are presented in 38 eye-catching pages, thus giving the unique opportunity to Karate enthusiasts around the world to look back at the memorable 2016 World Championships.


From the best snaps of the opening ceremony to the greatest moments of the quest to gold; from the emotion of fans to the images of all the podiums, and from top comprehensive data of the competition to the presentation of the heroes of the tournament, all the details that made the 2016 Karate World Championships an unforgettable event are just one click away in the amazing PhotoBook.

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