Premier League 2018 – Registration and Rules

18/10/2017 10:49

Document here: WKF Premier League Organising Rules 2018.pdf (1477640)

To: ALL NF’s

Concerning to our communication sent last June 16th, 2017 regarding the innovations for the 2018 Premier League events, please find attached the updated version 2018 of the WKF Karate1-Premier League Organizing Rules.

Moreover, please be informed that due to the importance and transcendence of the Premier League on the WKF Ranking, some aspects have been adjusted in the registration process, being reduced to three phases to ensure priority in the registration of TWO competitors per country and category, which can be registered as maximum in the two first phases of the registration process, as below;
– Phase 1: limited to the NFs, TWO competitors per category and country, ranked among the 50 first of the ranking
– Phase 2: In the event that any of the TWO registrations of phase 1 have not been completed by the NFs, free registration of athletes, ranked among the 50 first of the ranking (always keeping the limit of TWO per country)
– Phase 3: free registration, limited to 64 athletes per category, ranked among the 100 first of the ranking.

Furthermore, we also must mentioned the following aspects;
All registration will only be accepted online, being necessary to complete the registration to make the payment through the online payment platform. No onsite registration and payments will be accepted

Weighing and Draw
 Fees and Prizes
 The Grand Winner is obliged to participate in at least FOUR events held in TWO continents
 Video review implementation along all competition (including eliminations rounds)

Best regards,

Antonio Espinós
WKF President