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21/07/2016 21:59

Karate 1 Premier League WKF change from 2017

The annual competitions of the World Karate Federation (WKF), will undergo widespread changes effective from 2017 in order to enhance the visibility of sport, he has revealed its president Antonio Espinós.
Currently, the governing body of world karate allows a maximum of 10 events in the Premier League which is held each calendar year, but in 2017 will be limited to eight.
The eight best events based on the 2016 season will be the basis of the new calendar, which will incorporate a slightly different format.
The competitions will be held for three days instead of two, with the final scheduled for Sunday of each event, televised worldwide by the WKF and a number of rights holders.
"The WKF has already signed agreements with television companies as well as a commercial arm to help market and sell the rights of events," Espinos said.
"We have already decided on these changes" Espinós, also President of the European Karate Federation he said.
"The format will be similar to the way we convey our World Championships and European Championships."
"This will allow us to increase visibility and exposure of our sport up to nine or ten times."
"In karate there is great activity around the world and other events still may be held, but under the guidance of the WKF".
"This will allow them to increase the quality and level - do not have to limit the number of competitions, but we have to limit which will be televised".
It is not yet known whether the series of events Premier League still be called, but Espinós confirmed that if the name remains, only eight competitions that are issued can use the title.
Other events also will take place, but to be carried out under a different name.
A total of 10 events in the Premier League are scheduled for next year, starting in Paris in January, with the final to be held here in Okinawa for the third consecutive season.
The series will also visit America and Africa, with exact dates and places yet to be confirmed by the WKF.
WKF Calendar 2017 (Tentative, yet to define some events)