William Millerson - PKF Honorary President | R.I.P

20/06/2020 13:11


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I deeply regret having to inform you of the passing of the Honorary President of the PKF and Friend William Millerson.

I never would have thought to write this message.

William in addition to having been President of the PKF for 18 years, member of the WKF EC for more than 20 years , President of the Curacao Olympic Committee,  President of the Senate in his country and a long and successful career as an Athlete and as a Coach  ... he was above all things, a noble person ...

William, never disappointed anyone, was at all times and anywhere, ready to help in what some Athlete, Referee, Coach or any member of this Karate Family could need. He has always been present in all the Championships and there was no person who did not come to speak to him ... that was his charisma.

He knew how to represent his country and Karate around the world in the best way, he formed the Curacao Karate Bond through which he organized a large number of Championships among them also Pan American Championships  ... and he always did it thinking of making everyone who visited his place feel in the best way. 

country. Even next year 2021, the Senior Pan American Championship had its headquarters in Curacao.

In particular, a Friend left ... a Brother ... and although it was time for him to leave, we have the memory of all the years that his friendship gave us.

I have no doubt that each and every one of you feel the same emptiness for his disappearance.

The entire PKF offers its deepest condolences to his wife, children and affection… .William will also continue to be present in the hearts of each of us who make up this great Karate Family.