WKF Executive Committee meets via videoconference to discuss Karate future

01/12/2020 17:45


The Executive Committee of the World Karate Federation held a virtual meeting Tuesday to discuss ways to grow the sport even further and to analyse the upcoming projects of Karate’s international organisation.   


Headed by WKF President Antonio Espinós, the meeting via videoconference aimed at reviewing the current situation of the sport amid the current coronavirus pandemic.


The possible effects of the COVID-19 epidemic in the road to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were discussed and contingency proposals to countermeasure these consequences were approved. The tentative schedule of events for the anticipated 2021 season was re-evaluated as steps are being taken to guarantee the best conditions in upcoming international events.


The overhauling of the referee body, with a recently appointed new composition of the WKF Referee Commission, and the pathway to the nomination of judges for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were analysed. 


Updates on the 2021 World Championships and the 2021 General Assembly to be held in Dubai next year, and comments on the ongoing WKF accredited coach course were also presented.


“We need to learn to live with the virus. Considering that the situation of the coronavirus pandemic may hopefully improve in months to come, we must continue organising activities and we must go back to hosting events. We have the obligation to give our athletes the chance to continue practising the sport so they can reach their goals. While I am confident that the conditions will get better and better, it is our duty to maximise our opportunities to make our events a success from the start of 2021 onwards,” said WKF President Antonio Espinós.


“Many crucial issues were discussed today and important decisions have been taken. I am very thankful for the cooperation and the hard work of all the members of the Executive Committee. Their efforts and the collaboration of all the members of the Karate family make me proud to lead this wonderful organisation, especially knowing that we have such a great team working for the continuous progress of the sport,” added Mr Espinós.

Source: WKF