WKF Statutes – Resolution

26/04/2018 11:02

Enclosed you will find the resolution of the WKF Executive Committee regarding activities that are incompatible with the membership in the World Karate Federation and participation in WKF events, including Olympic Games.

Parallel with this resolution, the WKF has with immediate effect revised its Statutes (subject to ratification by congress) to remove the last hindrance for athletes with Olympic aspirations – meaning that double affiliation with dissenting karate organizations is not a hindrance for qualifying. This is in line with my message given at the Congress during the 2017 World Championships in Tenerife that the World Karate Federation wishes to ensure that the Olympic dream is available to all able karate athletes around the world. The only requirement is that the aspiring athlete must take out membership in their respective national federation affiliated with WKF to participate in the qualifying process.

However, the WKF will still maintain its right to protect the safety and health of its athletes demanding that WKF athletes do not participate in open karate competitions that do not conform to WKF safety standards and are not WADA compliant.


Antonio Espinós
WKF President

Documents  WKF Statutes - Resolution 26 April 2018.pdf (121397)