YOG Qualification Tournament (UMAG) – Registration⁩

03/05/2018 12:10

The registration period for athletes the Qualification Tournament in UMAG opens.


Here is a summary of the different deadlines:


IMPORTANT NOTE: only those athletes that have obtained their Accreditation Nr. after the IOC registration process of their NOC in the Accreditation System of Buenos Aires will be allowed to participate.

  • COACHES 4th May – 6th June:

Coaches intending to participate in the Qualification Tournament: https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=173#a_eventhead

NOTE: only coaches with the minimum level of “Certified Kumite Coach” will be able to register for the qualification tournament. For details on the complete Coach Programme, please refer to https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=uploads&vernr=200&ver_info_action=info#a_eventhead


Further information about the registration details can be found on the bulletin published under:  https://wkf.net/olympic-ba2018.php