20/06/2018 08:51
WKF President Antonio Espinós has expressed enthusiasm about the future of Karate in the American continent after attending the 2018 PKF Senior Championships which were held in Santiago (Chile) this past week.    Mr. Espinós travelled to Chile to meet with a number of key...

Headquarters Continental Championships 2019

19/06/2018 18:13
In 2019 the Pan-American karate championships will take place in the following venues 2019 Senior Karate Championship at the Panama headquarters   Pan-American Youth Karate Championship. Cadet and Sub21 at the headquarters of Guayaquil (Ecuador)

24th Karate World Championships Madrid - TIKETS

19/06/2018 09:05
Madrid will host the World Championship of senior karate and you will see the best competitors in the world in the fight for medals. Do not miss your tickets. The link so you can access ticket sales as soon as possible here! https://karate2018.com/    

Official Communication to NFs: Qualification Tournament Buenos Aires 2018, UMAG (Croatia)

06/06/2018 09:30
Highlight some information concerning the Qualification Tournament of Buenos Aires 2018 in Umag, next 29thand 30thof June.   Due to the delay experienced by some NFs in receiving the information back from their NOCs related to the 7 digits Nr., the registration period is extended until...

WKF Fees and Conditions from 1 – 6 – 2018

05/06/2018 09:41

WKF Referee Commission Rules (version 1st June 2018) approved by the WKF-EC.

05/06/2018 09:40

2019 WKF Calendar

31/05/2018 10:06
  attachment the preliminary draft of the 2019 WKF Calendar. Kindly note that this is only a preliminary draft subject to the necessary adjustments later in the year.   WKF 2019 Sports Calendar_Preliminary Draft NFs.pdf (68117)

WKF Important News: Duration of Female Senior bouts

30/05/2018 08:08
WKF Important News: Duration of Female Senior bouts   The WKF Competition Rules Commission has suggested that the duration of senior female kumite bouts should be changed to 3 minutes – in other words have the same duration as for the senior male categories. The final decision on this issue...

Tokyo 2020 – Update of documents in the Olympic Section⁩ (Karate)

28/05/2018 09:16

World Championships 24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain: Official Programme

21/05/2018 08:58
  World Championships  24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018Official Programme
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